Mathias Everson

🎓 IT Grad from University of Canberra

👨‍💻 Lead Developer at Threesides Marketing

🌆 Canberra Local

WordPress Developer?

You guessed it! I’ve been developing WordPress sites since 2012 – first starting in site management; setting up redirects, plugins and off-the-shelf themes; I then moved to building out sites with popular page builder and developer tools.

It doesn’t stop there – as we continue to move to more customer experience (and core web vital) focused sites this requires custom designed and developed themes. Using core WordPress features – like the Gutenberg builder – and modern frameworks, WordPress continues to remain relevant.


It’s come quite far and continues to be updated to improve performance and security. Don’t give it a bad wrap if you haven’t jumped into it recently!


Vue’s a straight-forward frontend framework – designed at manipulating ‘the view’. It’s light enough to drop into existing sites, and robust enough to build up SPAs.


PHP + Vue = Laravel. WordPress is only capable of so much before you need to break out into custom functionality, queueing, and non-CMS related stuff.

Always learning

There’s not always ‘the right tool for the job,’ so learning about and engaging with new tech as it’s emerging is a must.

Projects and Experience

Here’s a few of the projects and websites I’ve worked on – as part of my day-to-day at Threesides,

Sites I’ve designed and built




Sites that I’ve built

Working with graphic and web designers, I’ve built these websites from provided mock-ups.

Have a look at threesides.com.au

More information available on request

Systems and Apps

Threesides Heartbeat

Heartbeat provides custom invoice generation and integration between various Threesides systems. A lightweight WordPress install holds custom PHP to provide this functionality.

Data Processing Tool

When a client required customised data processing to provide accurate website analytics referenced with contracts a custom web app was developed to extract and process this data. This involved setup and integration into Google Sheets, Gmail and utilised AWS RDS and Laravel.