The timetable problems... only displaying the first half of the first week.
The timetable problems… only displaying the first half of the first week.

This week we were briefed on what was necessary to complete the second stage of the Major Project. Expanding from the first stage, I am remaining with the Timetable Note and Homework application, but have decided to change the screen layout to reflect a slimmer, and more mobile like application.

This means that in further development, a similar layout can be used to make a mobile application, or web application.

In regards to coding, I created a simple prototype during the first stage, but the development for the current version is currently at a standstill. I have built the screen layout, focusing on large elements, and keeping the layout modular and only having one section accessible at a time to limit confusion.

The save file is loaded into the application, but displaying the content is having some issues, in that the timetable is not displaying an entire day, as well as only reaching Wednesday of the first week. I have tried to develop so far to accommodate a flexible timetable, where there are no fixed lessons each day, and rather just lists the appropriate content, which I think will make it easier as the operations can be run in loops. However, at the moment I have had to hardcode the ‘current lesson’ module as it revolves around the specific times for the lessons. At a later stage it may be possible to have this modified by the user.

I am haven’t dome any work on the documentation so far, but it look like I’ll be focusing on that while I try to work out what is happening with the timetable.


For those that understand code, here is the Create Timetable function, either loop does not generate the proper timetable. The lists are populating at the start of the function, but not transferring to the list view.
private void CreateTimeTable()
List week1timetable = _timetable.FindAll(x => x.Week == 0);
List week2timetable = _timetable.FindAll(x => x.Week == 1);
foreach (ListViewGroup item in days)
ListViewItem li0;
foreach (Lesson item in week1timetable)
li0 = new ListViewItem(item.Subject.Name, days[item.Day]);
ListViewItem li1;
for (int i = 0; i < week2timetable.Count; i++)
li1= new ListViewItem(week2timetable[i].Subject.Name, days[week2timetable[i].Day]);

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