I wanted to overall portray the myEar product in a modern and up to date style.

The main way this was incorporated is seen in the later part of the ad. The angles, and close up film mean that there is a clear distinction between the surroundings and the actual product. This follows a lot of current photographic marketing trends where the product is inside an external environment but is unique.

The ‘action movie’ type theme is included via the focus on the case. This contains, as in most action movies, a crucial component of the plot, and is portrayed as such with the framed timelapse, and associated music.

The rest of the ad came together fitting it into the time limit, where many of the ‘in-between’ sections had to be removed – emphasising the timelapse elements.


I chose to include the songs where they are because it conveys the action and progression. It also allowed for the period of silence, used to emphasis the myEars and their purpose to bring hearing to deaf people.