I have worked with some community organisations over the past number of years, as well as exploring the role of Christianity and Social Media as a unit in college. Broadening this to encompass all types of not-for-profit and other organisations that operate in small towns or suburbs can easily take place; and these fundamentals can also be suitably scaled to encompass small to medium enterprise (SME) as well.

Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy in a lot of things – but especially if your group has only recently begun, or have remained subtle for a while.

When choosing to publish information, find information that others have provided, and build from this. Find testimonials, or stories that others have published, and use this as a foundation to show what your group provides.

Rather than claiming that you provide opportunities for local youth, include a short testimonial, and explanation from someone that you have provided a service to; and then add a Call to Action (CTA) and supplementary information.

Ultimately, by using this strategy,not only are you providing authentic information, you are providing your possible customers, partners or clients with an example of how they will benefit from partnering with your organisation.

Remember: Don’t promise something you can’t deliver, and don’t deliver something you can’t promise. Keep your ego in check, but remember, you’re good at what you do, so you can be proud of what you have achieved, and what you are able to contribute.