Recently I received a comment on one of the articles on this site disputing the fact that there are no answers to some of the questions posed.

Whilst this has been an open and transparent view of my time as a High School student, it was never a platform to share answers or halt the personal exploration to find answers to questions.

Quite frankly, there are no answers because:

  1. I was working out the answers my self, there is no guarantee that they are correct, and if others were to use them it would cause a lot more harm than good.
  2. Plagiarism. Depending on how these ‘answers’ would be used, there is limited space to cite, and reference where the answers came from. Whilst I am publishing all these posts under the impression that this work will be cited appropriately, that’s not why I have posted it. If others choose not to cite, or reference this work, or use my answers in place of theirs, it results in serious consequences for them.
  3. There is value in finding out information for yourself. I get that there are deadlines, and requirements, however simply copying and pasting answers does nothing to improve the understanding of a topic. (There are times now where I wish that I had a better grasp of certain subjects where this was the case for me.)

I would also love to hear your thoughts on what has been posted, and what you think of giving away (or sharing) answers. Comment them below.