The key to good and appropriate digital marketing is to understand what your audience is looking for.

Whilst it may be easy to understand how your product can help and provide a service to your customers, it is important to present it in a way that they will easily recognise and understand.

For example, if you are producing rope; your customers understand the general term rope, but what type of rope will they need for certain situations. Is nylon rope suitable in some cases but natural not? Tell them!

Once you have established what your audience needs, present it in a way that your audience can easily interact with.

To continue with the rope company example; this comparison and use of certain ropes can simply (but boringly) be put somewhere in a blog post, or it can be created into a simple info-graphic (using a variety of free online tools) or getting one designed by me; and then posted onto a variety of platforms, where your audience is more likely to engage with it.

Using this strategy, not only do your audience get something out of it, they develop an understanding of your product, and therefore are more willing to engage and purchase your product.

How are your products recognisable?