Tools I use

Programs and Tooling

These are the programs that I’m using day-to-day

VS Code

Developer friendly, popular – and the integrated terminal and Git management help to streamline processes.

Windows 10 + WSL

Within the corporate Windows environment, most things are possible – however, I’ll jump into Ubuntu or a Docker container when needed.

Git, NPM

Keeping track of code and developing across devices is made easy with Git. NPM’s where I’m getting my JS packages from.

Languages and Frameworks

The Gutenberg editor uses blocks to create all types of content, replacing a half-dozen ways of customizing WordPress.


WordPress has come along way from it’s blogging platform days – and it’s a great base for all users to manage their content.

By developing Gutenberg blocks and using custom themes we’re not missing out on the latest performance opportunities.


Vue provides a straight-forward front-end layer to make the magic happen.

Templating components that work with WP backend is a breeze.


When a more custom solution is required, Laravel provides the structure and foundations for building custom apps.


Taking the hassle out of CSS, Tailwind provides the perfect utility to implement custom styling without introducing whole frameworks.

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