The Vision

The TNH App provides students, across High School and University with a simple and easy to use app to manage three integral parts of their education.

Timetables make sure you show up on time, and in the right place, to study the right thing. Through TNH, all classes can be added, no matter what time, however it repeats, and wherever it will take place.

Notes quickly become messy, complicated and almost immediately irrelevant РTNH changes that. Through simple markup, notes can be attached to subjects and classes, providing easy revision and a single storage location Рaccessible anywhere.

Homework Рoft forgotten or left behind, a nightmare for both students and teachers to submit, mark and maintain. TNH provides a point of reference to make sure that students and teachers are on the same page of what is expected of them, and when.

The Process

It all began in 2012, where a group of students were tasked with creating an app for Brindabella Christian College by their IT teacher. Just having completed a unit in Web Development, they began to build with jQuery mobile. Without hosting, or a database, a family friend came to the rescue, providing a platform to host mockups of the early stages of the app.

From here Mathias took on the project himself and found an online MBaaS provider to host the next version of the App. This made the process easier, however, several reasons halted further progress: the lack of technical understanding, a diminished need for the app by the school, and time restrictions; halted the process at this stage. As part of his HSC Software Design and Development Major Project, he developed a desktop version of the application alongside detailed documentation, system diagrams and manuals.

In 2014 as part of the Young ICT Explorers event at the Australian National University Mathias sought a proposal from a local Canberra based app development agency, Imagine Team Solutions. This accompanied a business plan outlining the potential of TNH App as a business, and project documentation from a desktop version of the app.